In-house research for a head start in acquiring information.

And first-class decisions.

Our Real Estate Research provides you with analysis that perfectly addresses your area of concern. You benefit from up-to-date market intelligence, with insights into the market’s past development and its likely future.

Discover trends

LBImmoWert research services take many forms, and are tailored to reflect the customer’s precise interests, ranging from regional market analysis to project-based location and risk analysis. We also provide regular market data and analysis for large portfolio valuations.

Decisions need information

As a customer of LBImmoWert you benefit from our regular publications on real estate market trends, as well as our critical analysis of special-interest themes. Our team of geographers and economists work to capture valuable intelligence from across a highly heterogeneous market. Market analysis, trend information and forecasts are key tools to help you quickly to form an objective opinion of the market.

Research services:

  • _Location analysis and forecasts
  • _Regular publications on developments in the real estate market and wider economy
  • _Special publications on current real estate issues
  • _Market data and analysis for portfolio valuations
  • _Research database requests

The LBImmoWert research portal – exclusively for our customers:

Our LBImmoWert Research Portal is a knowledge base of real estate expertise, with a range of data, studies, latest market reports and updates for our customers. You benefit directly from our experience and knowledge. The LBImmoWert Research Portal is available exclusively to our customers.