Decisions need the best information.

We want our customers to have instant access to the widest possible expertise. That’s why our customers enjoy access to our own purpose-built internal database: the LBImmoWert research portal.

Transparency and objectivity

Our research portal provides a wealth of information, including demographic and economic statistics, real rental and transaction data, numerous research reports and real estate market reports. The portal database gives our customers speed, objectivity and quality. And LBImmoWert is the only valuation company on the market to offer such a comprehensive database.

Through its own research database, LBImmoWert provides fast, objective information on the real estate market. The amount of property information and market data is increasing steadily. Parts of the portal were opened to customers in 2012, and our customers now have the opportunity to evolve the portal with us.


Your advantages:

  • _Faster access to real estate market information
  • _Unique, one-stop source for gathering and storing information
  • _Data for Germany and selected foreign cities
  • _All asset classes (residential, commercial, management properties, etc.)
  • _Real market data