_07/2020 Press Release - Panel of experts analyses the consequences of Covid-19 for Investment Management

Panel of experts analyses the consequences of Covid-19 for Investment Management

  • Economic fundamentals remain stable for the real estate market.

  • Trends such as home office, e-commerce and urban logistics are on the rise.


 Munich, 1 July 2020 – The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Europe’s commercial real estate markets is partly severe: rising costs of financing and uncertainty regarding many asset classes, the resurgence of tenant markets in B and C locations, and the recalibration of formally customary valuation metrics for properties. Among other findings, these were the conclusions drawn by a panel of experts from Real I.S., Commerz Real and LBImmoWert for their discussion today with journalists from all over Europe on the topic of “Investment Management in Times of Covid-19”. 

The economic fundamentals which boosted demand for real estate investments over the past decade are holding steady: “The combination of low interest rates and too little product in the market is the determining factor. The market in Class A locations remains a landlords’ market. In B and C locations, however, the market may turn out to be a tenants’ market in the short to medium term,” explains Jochen Schenk, Chief Executive Officer of Real I.S. AG. 

Despite ongoing great pressure to invest, investors should currently act with foresightedness: “From our viewpoint, it’s more the risks which outweigh the opportunities with most investments in the current situation,” says Henning Koch, Board member of Commerz Real’s Board of Management. 

At the same time, lockdowns and closed borders are particularly challenging when valuing property – especially as a detailed on-site inspection remains “state of the art” for any full appraisal also during the crisis: “While current valuation methods are not up for scrutiny, the customary valuation parameters are meticulously analysed for any changes in the trends. The sheer number of developments are currently difficult to gauge,” explains Monika Preithner, Managing Director of LBImmoWert. 

A realistic valuation of property is nevertheless still possible at present: “Providing up-to-date technical and legal documentation which is as comprehensive as possible on developed and undeveloped property is advisable to reduce uncertainty. Combined with video transmission, this is currently one way forward,” Preithner affirms while at the same time expressing a clear ‘no’ to general risk discounts in the market. 

The investment managers who operate on an international scale consider themselves well equipped for any opportunities which may arise: “While the price level has remained virtually unchanged, the uncertainty about many asset classes is more acute and the financing costs have increased. For this reason, our approach is more that of an observer waiting for attractive acquisition opportunities. We are optimally prepared and can respond swiftly to any appropriate opportunities as our ‘war chest’ is well filled,” Koch explains. 

“Trends which existed prior to the crisis, such as home office, the repurposing of shopping centres as venues for the shopping experience, e-commerce and urban logistics, are ongoing and are partly being reinforced by the crisis. It’s about responding to these trends and exploiting opportunities as they arise,” Schenk affirms. 

He sees major international investment managers at an advantage: “With borders closed during times of a pandemic, international branch offices are very important. We have five branch offices located abroad with acquisition and asset management experts. We are therefore particularly well positioned in the competitive arena,” Schenk states with conviction. 

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